Why sometimes a budget flask is all you need

Why buy a budget flask?

Hip flasks come in all shapes and sizes as well as many different quality types including budget hip flasks. Our budget steel flask is a lighter weight and cheaper alternative to it’s higher quality heavier counterpart, but why do these cheaper flasks have a place in the hip flask market?

budget hip flasksSimply put sometimes people either don’t want to spend the money on expensive flasks. Or,  they are looking at a bulk order for an event or occasion.  A full priced flask is just out of the question for such events as the shear quantity would push the price to unattainable levels. With the budget flask you can have a large order but with a much more reasonable cost.  Now you have to remember that with a lower price comes a lower quality. (Come on you didn’t think you’d get the same high quality for such a low price, did you?). In the case of the budget flask this is evident in the weight as the budget flask is around one third lighter. Also the box is a standard stock box which cuts down on the cost.

Budget flasks are still perfectly functional however so don’t think otherwise. This means you can still load them with your favourite liquor and have a jolly good time, pip pip.

Thankfully, with our extensive range of budget flasks we can cater for most peoples needs. With an in house engraving service including logo engraving you’ll have an affordable flask that can be personalised.

To Sum Up

So to answer the question why buy a budget flask, they don’t break the bank, they can be ordered in bulk and so you can get everyone on your guest list a engraved flask for a very reasonable price.  If on the other hand you are looking to really wow your recipient then please take a look at our pewter flask range or our standard steel flasks.