Why should I wear a Tie Clip?

Tie clips are the perfect gentlemen’s accessory.  These easy to use pieces of jewellery are great for men who have issues with unruly ties or for men who are looking for a way to smarten up their suit.  From long days at weddings to busy office meetings, you want to look your best all through the day and a tie clip is a stylish way to achieve this

Tie clips are a fantastic way of keeping your unruly tie neatly attached to your shirt.  Using a tie clip couldn’t be easier, just tie your tie and then clip the tie to your shirt using one of our great looking tie clips.  The tie will remain in place throughout the day avoiding the annoying blowing in the wind or getting caught as you move around.  Tie clips are a great accessory and very popular for men who want to add a  little more style to their suit.

The great thing about tie clips are their ease of use coupled with the vast number of styles.  Everything from plain shiny tie clips to novelty robots means that there is a tie clip out there for everyone.  Whats more is these fantastic accessories come in elegant and yet affordable styles to keep every tie wearer happy.

Our range of tie clips is just getting started and we have plenty more to update so if you are looking for a great gift or just a way to keep your tie from blowing in the wind we are sure The Pocket Hip Flask Co can help you out.

Why not match one of our great looking hip flasks or cufflink sets with your new tie clip for a great gift idea.