Why not make it a Pewter Flask?

When it comes to thinking of the perfect gift pewter should be at the top of your list.  It has a timeless beauty to it, this wonderful shiny metal is so versatile and with so many great designs you are sure to find the perfect pewter gift that will stand the test of time and make someone very happy. The Pocket Hip Flask Company sell many fine Pewter hip flasks and all of them can be personalised to say something special to the ones you love or hold dear in your life.

Why Pewter?

Pewter hip flasks look great.
The superb finish pewter offers really brings these hip flasks to life.
We have many mirror like finish pewter hip flasks to offer.
Each pewter hip flask is lovingly made here in the UK in pewter country, better known as Sheffield.
Sheffield has been producing these beautiful gifts for many years now and most of our flasks are produced by a company that has been making beautiful pewterware since 1798.  If that doesn’t tell you something about the quality and nothing else I say will.  Just look at the images and you will see the mirror finish and high quality look these wonderful flask show.
If looked after well pewter will last for many years.
Celtic Pattern 6oz Pewter Hip Flask with captive top

We must say it’s nice to be able to offer our customers a quality item
made here in the UK. We are very proud of these fantastic pewter hip flasks.

We offer many different styles and shapes including a wide range of Celtic inspired
pewter hip flasks as well as Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English themed flasks.

6oz Pewter Irish Hip Flask with Captive Top

We don’t just stop there though as our pewter hip flasks also come in the traditional
rectangle shape as well as the increasing popular circular shaped hip flask.
We also well a slimline variety that fits neatly into your suit breast pocket.

4oz Plain Pewter Cushion Hip Flask

Many of our pewter hip flasks also come with Captive Tops.
We have created a whole new product category just for the captive hip flasks we sell.
Captive tops are a great way to make sure you don’t lose your top when you are indulging in your favourite tipple.
Just click here to view our captive top range.

So whether you are buying a gift for a much loved friend or family member
or just wish to treat yourself to something special.
We are sure that our range of pewter hip flasks will something that will cherish for a long time.

We are always increasing our range of pewter hip flasks.
If there is something you would like us to stock then please let us know.