A Whiskey flask is a very popular way to carry your favorite whiskey or any spirit beverage.  Whiskey flasks in one form or another have been around for hundreds of years and thanks to modern technology now come in many great sizes and shapes.

Whiskey Flask

Here at The Pocket Hip Flask Company we have a wide choice of whiskey flasks that are perfect for so many occasions from weddings to birthdays.

So why do you need a whiskey flask?whiskey for my flask
These flasks are great for people who like to carry a little whiskey on their person when they step out for the night.  No longer do you have to go without your favourite tipple.  You might find yourself in a bar or club that just doesn’t have the drink you love so much.  Carrying one our whiskey flasks means that wherever you are you can always have a quick swig of the drink you favor the most.

The great thing about our fantastic range of whiskey flasks is the massive choice we offer.  From fine English pewter hip flasks to hand made luxury leather, affordable stainless steel to novelty flasks perfect for everyone.  Most of our popular range of whiskey flasks are made in the Whiskey Flasktraditional style that curve to fit your hip, these style is known as kidney shaped and is also great for wearing your flask in a suit pocket or placing in a  handbag.

When it comes to whiskey flasks we really know what we are talking about as we engrave, use and live hip flasks, with over 300 different styles in stock we have a wide range to suit almost all your needs.  Don’t be shy and take a look through our online store for a comprehensive range of flasks suitable for men and women.  Just remember when you take your flasks out to any event to drink responsibly. If you are using your flasks for whiskey then it should be sipped and not gulped.

Personalised whiskey flask

When it comes to buying your whiskey flask its worth thinking about whether you can personalise your gift. It has to be said that a personalised gift really stands out as not only because it makes a great keepsake but because it shows that thought went into the gift making the sentimental value worth much more than the gift along.  With our in house engraving team we can help make the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones.