Where To Carry Your Hip Flask

Hip Flasks – Where to Carry Them

Once you have made the decision to get yourself a hip flask, the next question is where you intend to carry it. It’s important because not only is it a question of comfort, it also depends on your choice of hip flask.  Some places being more suitable to carry larger or smaller versions. We take a look at some of the best places to carry your hip flask.


Boot Flasks

Do you want to be traditional and carry your hip flask like they used to do in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries? Where was this you may ask? In your boot! Easily accessible and undetectable, and thanks to the fact it is not close to your skin such as if it was in your jacket or trouser pocket, it keeps your alcohol at a reasonable temperature too. This traditional way of carrying a hip flask is where it is thought that the term ‘bootlegging’ comes from, carrying alcohol down the boot being the perfect place to smuggle illegal drink.  Our range of slimline boot pewter hip flasks are perfect for this job.

Jacket Pocket

Perhaps the most obvious place to carry your hip flask is in your jacket pocket. Safely tucked away inside your blazer pocket is a great place to hide your hip flask away and means that it is easy to get to whilst not being on-show to the general public. Perfect for most sizes of hip flask, the only downside is when using the largest style of hip flasks that may be a little too heavy for your jacket and lead it to pulling one side down more than the other.

Trouser Pocket

Hip flask in Back pocket

Hip pockets too are a relatively good place to store your hip flask. They are particularly good on hot days where you may not be wearing a jacket and offer an easy to get to yet private place to store your hip flask. Formal trousers are always better than jeans as these are often worn a bit tighter and can show the outline of your hip flask with is a bit of a no-no. Combat trousers aka cargo trousers with the side pockets on each leg are also another good place to store your hip flask. Very private, the only potential downside is that if you are doing a lot of walking, you may find your hip flask somewhat irritating brushing the side of your leg.

Handbags and Clutch Purses

Whilst all of the above are great places to store your hip flask, for ladies, they don’t quite work as well which is why we wanted to include the almighty handbag. Us women put almost everything in our handbags and purses – as the saying goes “everything but the kitchen sink”.
Providing you have screwed the lid on properly, handbags make for wonderful hip flask storage with their many compartments. Larger handbags are great for flasks of all shapes and sizes and have been known for storing two or three flasks on occasion. Now, we know that large bags are not always feasible in certain situations which is why we offer smaller sized hip flasks that will fit nice and comfortable in clutch purses and mini satchels. We’ve got you covered ladies…

So, depending on how you plan on carrying your flask, we have hip flasks of all shapes and sizes available to fit a whole array of pockets, boots, handbags and any other genius places you can think of..

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