Where to carry your Hip Flask – another look at a good question

So ‘where should you carry your hip flask?’ is a great question and one that is often asked.

To start with if you decided to give your flask to your loved one to carry in her handbag then I would strongly suggest you make sure your flask is protected with a case, pewter in particular scratches easily as it is a soft metal, I have made the mistake of passing my pewter flask off to my wife who placed the flask in her handbag with her car keys, the flask ended up with some quite interesting and artist scratches.  I learnt the hard way so others won’t have to, our pewter flasks do come in a pouch but better to avoid car keys to start with and carry the flask yourself.
So you may think the question of wear to carry ones hip flask is a silly question, but finding the right pocket to discretely store your flask is of the upmost importance. You want to have your flask to hand but you don’t want to shout about it by having a hip flask shape bulging through your clothing.  Thankfully the size and shape of your flask can help with preventing this.

6oz Plain Pewter Hip Flask with Captive Top
Kidney shaped flasks have a beautiful curve that hug your bodies shape nicely.  A 6oz or smaller flask can be discreetly stored in a trouser pocket of jacket breast pocket without anyone noticing.  The weight is not too much when full to cause you any discomfort and so you should have a happy time knowing you have your  beverage back up only a pocket away.  If you feel that a large flask is needed then you could have to call in the help and get someone with a bag to carry your flask for you, 8oz flasks are just on the cusp of starting to get heavy and bulky, they are fantastic with regards to the amount of alcohol they can hold and if I’m going out I favor the 8oz but it’s not very discreet, so this goes in my wife’s handbag, this of course incurs a drink tax so be warned.

If you are wearing a suit or tuxedo and attending a wedding, opera or similar event then you can easily get away with a flask in your inside breast pocket, these pockets are secure and generally hold a 6oz flask with no issues and minimum bulge.  You may find that your dress trousers are quite thin and so adding the flask to the pocket may become uncomfortable especially if moving around lots like ‘dad dancing’ at the disco in the evening.  Do not ever think to put your flask in your shirt breast pocket, the same principle applies to mobile phones, often these pockets are not large enough to hold the flask and you could run the risk of losing the flask down the toilet when you bend to flush, you can quite often dry your phone out but would you ever want to drink from that flask again?

For you lovely ladies out there, depending on the event you may find you have no pockets and a small handbag, wLadies Purple Luxury Leather Patterned 4oz Slimline Hip Flaskell we offer a great selection of flasks in 20z, 3oz and slimline 40z sizes that fit into smaller bags. These smaller flasks are just perfect for women who want a stylish flask but do not wish to take up precious room in their handbag with something that is big and bulky. For women most of the time the best place to carry their flask is their bag, when loose jeans are in use then using a front pocket is great however if you wear tight jeans then the back pocket may be the only option, use at your own risk though.

When I think about what pocket to put my flask in I always think about good places or bad places for my phone, for example I would never put my phone in my back jeans pocket, it’s likely to be sat on and crushed and is more likely to be stolen as I can’t keep a good eye on it.  Much like your mobile phone, putting your flask into your back pocket tends to be a big no no, a sure fire way to damage your flask would be to sit on it. Your flask is no good if it has a massive arse shaped dent in it.