Where to buy Flask Funnel

Where to buy Flask Funnel

So you’ve been given a nice new hip flask and your thinking Where to buy Flask Funnel? Its a common story,  you’ve either lost the funnel or one was not included in the gift bFlask Funnelox, no need to worry.We know that trying to master the art of pouring your precious liquid straight from the bottle, into the tiny hole in the neck of your flask is something of a challenge and most of the time results in lost liquor.

Better to just buy a flask funnel and have done with it.  Here are our current selections on stock now.

I can’t think of how many people forget to add a funnel to their order or think they’ll be able to get on without one, for the low price of £1.49 you can get a stainless steel funnel that will help you no end in being able to fill your flask spill free. Stop throwing your booze all over the place and get a funnel to not only save you time on cleaning up but also saves you wasted alcohol, no one likes waste.

Funnels have been making our lives easier for many a year and so there is no point in ignoring them, we make your life nice and easy when purchasing a hip flask from us as you can just add a funnel to your order from the flask page.  If you are in need of a funnel for another hip flask either purchased from us or somewhere else then we also sell the funnels individually.

If you’re looking for a bit for help when it comes to filling your flash then click this link: For hints and tips on how to use a flask funnel correctly