Where can I use my hip flask?

Where can I use my hip flask?
Hip flasks are a great addition for many occasions but there are some places that he humble hip flasks is more welcome or expected than others. For example taking your hip flask to your child’s school sports day would be a big no no, as would taking the flask to your place of work and sipping at your desk. You have to use common sense when it comes to its use as some places don’t welcome this little sipping buddy.

Where can I use my hip flask?

When you think of where to use your hip flask the best way to look at it is whether the people around you are more likely to expect its use. Most places that already sell alcohol won’t take too kindly to you bringing your own booze. This means that many places where you think you could save a quick buck by taking your hip flask have to get ruled out. There is of course nothing stopping you from coming out the pub after close and having a wee nip on the way home, in fact it could be a nice way to end the night as you could share with your friends.



The most popular place to take a hip flask has to be weddings. The idea of the best man saving the day by giving the groom a much needed dose of Dutch courage has long been a tradition. The great thing is that it works both ways: so the best man can buy the groom a hip flask and have it engraved as a reminder to the day, or the bride and groom can purchase a flask for the best man and groomsmen to say thank you for helping out. It’s also not uncommon for the bride and bridesmaids to have hip flasks. So whether it’s before, during or after the ceremony its quite common to expect people to have hip flasks at a wedding. I’d be careful chugging your flask in the church though as some vicars tend to frown on boozing it up during the ceremony.

Stag Do’s or Hen Parties

The next most common place the hip flask is expected is on stag or hen parties. Hip flasks make great gifts for the whole group and often get engraved with the date and name of the wedding party. In this way the whole group has a connection as everyone has a flask. We appreciate that stag and hen parties tend to take place in clubs and pubs but the hip flasks come into play during the crawl from one location to another. Also many parties are now turning into whole weekends away with action weekends planned like paint balling and quad biking so the hip flask could be used between activities.


I think its to be expected that drinking at a festival is going to take place. With more and more festival banning glass you’ll want to make sure you have a nice hip flask to carry your liquor. Bear in mind that some places have strict search tactics when it comes to entering the main arena. This however doesn’t stop you carry your flask around the rest of the site before or after the bands have been on. You might even get a flask into the main area but we warned you might be asked to empty the contents if found.

Race Course

6oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask with Stamped Horse Scene

Race courses are strange places and although some would stop me from saying that hip flasks are expected there I think you’ll find its a hard thing to police, which is why so many people carry there flasks with them so they can have a wee shot of their favorite tipple from time to time. After all there is only so much Pims you can drink before you realise it’s not really getting you that buzz you’re after.

Private Party

Private parties are a great place to take your hip flask. Turning up with a bottle of vodka under your arm is not very classy and so fill up your 8oz hip flask and turn up in style. Before you know it you’ll be the talk of the town either because people think you and your flask are great or because they think your a knob for not just bringing a bottle of vodka under your arm, either way it gets people talking.


Yep I went and said it. But you’ll be surprised how many people like a good drink at a wake. You are after all meant to be celebrating the life of the recently departed and what better way then raising a glass or two and having a quick drink from your flask?



There is an argument for not using a gun and drinking large quantities of alcohol however a wee nip can be common practice when on a shoot. With a great range of shooting inspired hip flasks we are sure you’ll be able to find the perfect flask to accompany you on your next shoot meet.



Fishing is one of the most relaxing hobbies out there. You have the fresh air, you’re around nature and you are taking life slowly because fishing is not one of those speedy hobbies. No the whole point is to sit back and relax while being one with nature. Well to help your day become that little more relaxing why not have your hip flask with you? On cold days s nice shot of warming whiskey will go down nicely and having a wee drink while fishing is considered quite normal. Lucky we have some cracking fishing hip flask just for this occasion.



If you love getting back to nature and hiking through the wilderness and finishing with an over night stay camping in the woods then a hip flask can be a great companion. There is nothing nicer than finishing your meal of open fire cooked food and then having a little drink out your flask. If you are camping with a few people then take a hunters flask with cups so you can share your night cap with others in your camp.

There really are so many places that you can use your hip flask and feel comfortable. We would not recommend using your flask in enclosed places that already serve alcohol like pubs and clubs because you’ll most likely be asked to leave. I don’t think we need to list all the places that you shouldn’t use a flask or drink alcohol.