When do people use hip flasks?

When do people use hip flasks?

3oz-Slim-Line-Pewter-Boot-Hip-Flask-with-Celtic-SerpentThe use of hip flasks has really taken off again at the moment.
We are not suggesting that people are drinking more, in fact I believe that people are generally drinking less. But where and how people are drinking plays a big part in the use of a hip flask. From weddings to group days out the humble pocket flask is here to stay as it provides a great conversation point and makes a great gift for friends and family members.

We find that many people that purchase our whiskey flasks are using them when going to festivals, camping or fishing. Our great range of hunters flasks and travel flask complement camping and fishing trips, giving you the option to share you favourite drinks with friends and family. We now stock a mega 64oz hip flask which is great for open festivals where you are allowed to take your own alcohol.Ribbed Effect 6oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask
Not all festivals let you take in alcohol or open containers of alcohol so please check before filling your flask.

Some people even take their hip flask to the opera with them so during the show they can have cheeky drop of their favourite tipple. Luxury leather is a great choice in this instance as it really looks refined and elegant, offering a classic style that will never go out of date.

Personally we don’t mind where you use your newly acquired Pocket Hip Flask Company hip flask but just remember using your hip flask in licensed venues may not go down to well with the management. We cannot be held responsible for where you decide to take your flask or for the attention you will  receive when you take it out, people do love to talk about hip flasks at the moment so be prepared to share. Remember to always drink responsibly.