What’s a Pocket Flask?

Here at The Pocket Hip Flask Company UK we sell a large variety of pocket flasks.
A pocket flask is a drinks flask that fits comfortably in your pocket.  Also know as a hip flask or spirit flask.

6oz Plain Pewter Cushion Hip FlaskThe Pocket Hip Flask Company sell many engravable pewter and stainless steel pocket flasks.
Pocket flasks have become very popular as the price of alcohol steadily rises, people look to carry a little tipple in their pocket just as a little treat so when the evening is drawing to a close and final rounds have been called they can dip into their pocket and bring out their flask.
Whether you are attending a race event, off to a festival. the pub or going on a fishing trip a pocket flask can be discreetly warn in the pocket of your trousers or a suit breast pocket.

Our customers range from festival goers who like to think big when it comes to their pocket flask, up to people Green Luxury Leather 6oz Stainless Steel Hip Flaskwho visit the opera on a regular basis and who like to have something a little bit more discreet.  Whether you want a quick shot of alcohol or more of a big slug you’re sure to find something in our collection of pocket flasks that will meet your needs.  We have everything from novelty shaped flasks to fine luxury leather perfect for any fine lady or gentleman.   The great thing about our pocket flasks is the fact they look good in any environment.

We are sure that with our great range of pocket flasks you will find what you are looking for.
We get many customers coming to see us who have seen our pocket flasks in the hands of their friends, word of mouth is one of the best ways we get our story across, people come back to us because they like the flask and trust our customer service.
Don’t worry as we stock a wide range of pocket flasks all year around so we always have a great choice to pick from.

pocket hip flask companys personailsed engraving fontsMake your pocket flask stand out.
We offer an in house engraving service with 6 traditional engraving fonts to choose from.
For people who are looking to make their new pocket flask really unique you can look at our 7 unique engraving fonts.  These include Elven Style writing, 3D, Dripping, Fairy Tale, Kids Writing and more.
We will be looking at adding more unique fonts for pocket flask engraving soon.

If you are thinking of having a logo engraved then don’t be shy and get in contact as our state off the art engraving machine loves a good challenge.  Engraving a logo will really make the flask stand out in the crowd and add a real uniqueness to the flask.

If you have any ideas or wish to see something that we don’t already do then please contact
The Pocket Hip Flask Company by clicking here.