What is the point of a hip flask?

What is the point of a hip flask?
When it comes to social drinking us Brits love a good drink and a good get together. The British pub is the epicenter of many villages, towns and cities bringing the people together at the end of a long day. There is nothing nicer than having a nice pint of ale or a whiskey over ice while chewing the fat with your drinking buddies. But sometimes we might feel like a wee nip when we’re not in the pub or the walk home might go a bit better with a nightcap between friends. In steps the mighty hip flask to answer the question; What is the point of a hip flask?

What is the point of a hip flask?

The point my avid reader is simple; to provide alcoholic liquid refreshment when said liquid refreshment is not normally available. Other points are based around the fact that a hip flask is pretty awesome talking point and more to the point why does everything have to have a point?

Lets face it you could just fill an old plastic water bottle with alcohol and carry that around, you could just buy a 350ml bottle of liquor and put that in your pocket but lets face it neither of these options are really great options when it comes to style or discretion. Both make you look rather desperate and certainly running the risk of being called an alcoholic. But have your emergency liquor in a hip flask and things are looking up.

Hip Flask Shape

The hip flask is shaped perfectly to fit in your pocket and hug your body, thus for providing a discreet and comfortable option when it comes to carrying your liquor. Slim and shaped to fit your body the hip flask becomes one with the owner and in many cases other people won’t even know you have a hip flask until you start flashing it around and sharing out the amber nectar.

Hip Flask SizeWhat is the point of a hip flask?

The size of a hip flask is a big part of the allure. With sizes ranging from you tiny 1 or 2oz sips to your more popular 6 and 8oz healthy servings great for sharing. The wide range in sizes means you can plan accordingly depending on what you might need your flask for. For example a long day out in the city might call for a larger 8oz flask, where as a christening might only call for a wee nip so a 2oz could be fine. Either way you’ll find a flask that suits your needs when you most need it.

Flask Style

When you ask ‘What is the point of a hip flask?’ you might also ask ‘What’s the point in a hip flask that doesn’t have style?’.
Style is a big thing for people who carry a hip flask, lets face it when we take out our flask we’re not only getting one up on all those people who don’t have an easy liquor supply, we’re also going to make sure the flask is a talking point as well.

Whats the point? You ask.


So next time you ask ‘What is the point of a hip flask?’ the answer is simple:
-So the owner can have a wee drink whenever they want.
-It fits in my pocket better than a bottle of liquor would.
-It’s discreet.
-It goes with my outfit and that makes me happy.
-Great gift idea, especially for weddings, stag events and birthdays.
-There doesn’t have to be a point when it looks great and I’ve got liquor.
-Clearly you don’t have a hip flask and are jealous of the fact.

Well in all seriousness its a flask for carrying liquor, they make great gifts and help bring people together. They are not meant to be used when in a public house or night club but are great for having a cheeky drink at the end of the night or for treating yourself to a quick nip during a particularly boring wedding ceremony (don’t pretend weddings are fun for everyone).

Drink responsibly guys, cheers!