What is the best alcohol to put in a flask?

When it comes to filling your hip flask you’ll want to  make sure you fill it with the right alcohol. There are so many different things you might think go well in a hip flask but with some of them you’d be wrong to try, lets take a look at what alcohol should go into your flask and what alcohol to avoid.

What is the best alcohol to put in a flask?

What is the best alcohol to put in a flask?
You’ve either dug out your old trusty hip flask or someone has given you one as a gift, the thing is you don’t have a clue what the hell to put in the damn thing. If you don’t work it out soon you’ll either just throw it back in the draw from whence it came or just pop it back on the shelve to get old and dusty. Better to work this out now so you can benefit from your little flask of joy.


When it comes to picking the right alochol to go in your flask you’ll want to make sure you go for a spirit. Anything else just wouldn’t work, I’ll explain a bit further down. Now there are so many websites out there that tell you the kind of spirit you should be adding to your flask, they even go into detail to name the best one but we have found in most cases these websites are just being sponsored by the liquor companies to talk about their liquor.  We are not going to go into detail about the exact type of liquor you should or should not add to your flask.

We will say this though. If you have a spirit that you love to drink whether is a fine 40 year old aged whiskey or a cheap ass bottle of vodka it really doesn’t matter. What matters more than anything is the spirit you fill your flask with is one you love yourself, after all the flask is predominantly for your enjoyment so make sure you enjoy whatever spirit you add to the flask.

What is the best alcohol to put in a flask?

Sharing with others

If you plan on sharing your hip flasks around then we do advise that maybe you don’t just stick the cheap stuff in your flask but buy something a little nicer on the taste buds. If you can afford it then that 40 year whiskey I mentioned might go down well or failing that just something that isn’t a supermarket own brand would probably be a great start.

Think about the smoothness when filling your flask as you’ll be drinking straight out the flask with no mixer so you don’t want anything that can strip the paint off walls. Your friends won’t thank you if you have them all coughing their guts up because of your foul liquor.

Can’t I add other alcohol to my flask?

Some of you might think that adding wine or beer to your flask could be a great idea. You’d be wrong though. These flasks are designed to store liquid that’s for sure but they are designed to store certain types of liquid. Yes you can fill your flask with water with no issues but if you’ve gone all out and purchased a hip flask then you want to pop some booze in it. Not all booze is made equal, let me explain what is good and what is bad:

-Liquor is the ideal alcohol for your flask so just stick with this and you can’t go wrong.
-Fizzy alcohol won’t work as your flask isn’t designed to hold high pressure liquid, you could damage the flask.
-Acidic liquids are a no go as they could damage the flask.
-No hot drinks, your flask will transfer that heat straight to your hands, ouch.

Hip flasks are perfect for so many occasions but just make sure you pop the right booze in your flask or you’ll either damage the wee thing or your poison your friends with cheap booze. Whatever you decide to add to your flask from vodka to whiskey or rum to gin is doesn’t matter, just make sure you have a good time and remember to drink responsibly.