What is a Flask?

What is a Flask? Is a common question and one that can be answered quite simply.  What is a Flask?
A flask is usually a sealed container which is made to hold and store liquid.  Some flasks are double walled and made to hold both hot or cold liquids.

Hip flasks are made to hold alcohol for a brief period of time, usually no longer than a couple of days, these containers are single walled and have no thermal properties. Of course if you are looking to carry some radioactive nuclear waste then always opt for the lead-lined flask which is also another type of flask not widely used by the average drinker, although after a night out it might feel like you were drinking nuclear waste.

The type of flask that you would require depends on your needs. If you are looking to hold hot tea or soup then the famous Thermos flask is the way forward where as if alcohol is your poison then a hip flask or travel flask would suit your needs well.

What is a Flask?Nowadays hip flasks are most commonly made from two different types of material, pewter which in our case comes from up the road in Sheffield Yorkshire, and steel which normally comes from China due to price, although our range of luxury leather hip flasks are made here in the UK.

Although other materials are used like plastic, glass and leather it would seem that steel and pewter are the most popular, pewter because of its lovely shine and stainless steel because of its price and durability.

We offer a great range of both pewter and stainless steel hip flasks that are perfect for holding anywhere between 2-8oz of alcohol, these flasks can normally be carried discreetly on your person ready for when you feel like a quite sip.   Unfortunately we do not offer any lead-lined flasks so if your looking to transport your nuclear waste then you’ll have to go elsewhere, sorry about that.

So in conclusion when someone asks us ‘What is a Flask?’ we simply reply a flask is an accessory that means we can carry our alcohol around with us but in glorious style.