What can I put in my Hip Flask

What can I put in my Hip Flask?  This is a serious questions that often gets over looked.  No we are not pulling your leg, people try and put all sorts of things in their newly purchased hip flask and this can end in tears if you get it wrong.

hot coffee not for hip flasksWe were once asked if it was alright to put hot wine into a new stainless steel hip flask, a very quick no left my lips and a very surprised customer followed. To simply put it our hip flasks and any hip flask unless specifically mentioned are not made to keep hot liquids, not only will the pressure cause an issue (steam will build up in the flask and create pressure), but also the metal will get too hot to hold and you will burn yourself.  Pewter in particular is a soft metal with a low melting point so I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how much you could damage your flask by filling it with a hot liquid.  Buy a thermos flask if you want to carry a hot liquid as that’s what they are made for.

Milk based alcohols, well what can I  say? I love Baileys but I would never fill may flask with the stuff, it has that smell that you only get from a milk or cream based product, it really doesn’t matter how much you clean your flask after, that smell ain’t going anywhere too fast and so any future drinks will have a taint of off milk, just think if you were to forget you had a tiny bit left in the bottom and didn’t clean it for a while, its not going to end up well for you or your flask.   It goes without saying that adding just milk or cream to the flask would obviously be a silly idea so we won’t even mention it.

Acidic drinks are a big no no, they react with the metal which is not good for the longevity of your flask.orange juice not for hip flasks So no fruit juices or fizzy drinks like coke as they will play havoc with your flask.  This leads me nicely onto the next item, fizzy drinks; just don’t bother as the flask is not made to store carbonated drinks.

All our hip flasks are made to store alcohol liquids with high alcohol content, spirits in other words,  so for example whisky, gin, rum, vodka etc.  Other liquids just don’t work so stick with what we tell you and you and your flask will have a cracking time.

Remember drink responsibly folks.