Stainless Steel Horse Hip Flasks

Stainless Steel Horse Hip Flasks
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Stainless steel horse hip flasks make a wonderful gifts for your equine loving friends or just yourself if you are a lover of all things horse.

Whether you ride horses, love the races, support a friend that rides or just have a liking for horses in general, well then we have a stainless steel horse hip flask here for you.

Our horse hip flasks are a very well made hip flask with a polished mirror finish which gives them that lovely bright sheen that we loves so on hip flasks.
Each of these flasks come are curved in shape so that they comfortably fit the natural shape of your body when they are in any or your pockets.

For the stamped stainless steel horse hip flasks that we have here at The Pocket Hip Flask Company, each individual flask has been stamped, with great care, from the inside out. The reason that it is done this way rather than from the outside in, is so that the image really pops and brings the flask to life, creating a wonderful raised effect on the flask. Our stamped horse hip flasks are some of the most popular.
These flasks have the stamped image on the front and then a plain back. This means that the back are just perfect space to have an engraving added.

Each of these flasks holds 6oz of your alcohol of choice. Depending on which system you use, 6oz is 170ml.

All of our stainless steel horse hip flasks are suitable for both male and female and suitable for all occasions. Day at the races is just perfect however wherever you go, these horse hip flasks will be a great accompaniment to your day.