Stainless Steel Golfing Hip Flasks

Stainless Steel Golfing Hip Flasks

Stainless Steel Golfing Hip Flasks are the perfect partner when taking to the fairway.
Golf is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people, many people claim the sport has saved their life, whether it has got them off the couch or kept their brain and body active into old age golf will always be one sport that doesn’t need you to rush around but still gives you the benefit of fresh air, walking, nice scenery, physical exercise as well as time well spent with friends.

Our range of stainless steel golfing hip flasks are inspired by people who play and enjoy the great game. Each flask is designed with golfing in mind whether it’s one of our amusing novelty golfing hip flasks or one of our more presentable flasks they are all perfect for the part time or full time golfer.

The aim of golf is to get your ball in the hole in as few shots as possible, and with one of our handy golfing flasks at your disposal we are sure you will get the job done. Just don’t drink the whole flask dry as good golfing and hip flask etiquette demands you share you tipple with your fellow golfers. Perhaps a leather encased set of cups would go hand in hand with your new flask.

Golfing really is a great way to get some exercise and get yourself out of the house on a nice day, having a wee dram from your flask while you walk the course is another bonus and when used sparingly makes for a nice treat, remember the aim is to get the balls in those little holes and too much alcohol may not help with this.

So whether you are a professional or amateur golfer we have a lovely selection of golf hip flasks to suit your needs. Don’t forget that if stainless steel is not for you we also offer fine English pewter golfing hip flasks as well as a selection of luxury leather flasks that are perfect for golfing.