Stainless Steel Sports Hip Flasks

Stainless Steel Sports Hip Flasks

Stainless Steel Sports Hip Flasks are perfect for the sporting person in your life. If you yourself love to get involved in sport then maybe one of our sporting stainless steel hip flasks would be perfect for you as well.

Whether you take part in sports or love to watch your favourite game in a stadium or the television our range of steel sporting hip flasks are made to be stylish and functional. These sporting flasks come with pewter figures and faux leather as well as colour images to bring your flask to life.

Fishing is not just a hobby but has become a sport with many events held throughout the UK where the winner is the person who reels in the biggest fish. Our selection of fishing inspired hip flasks are perfect for lazy days by the lake, sit back relax and have a wee drink.

Golfing has become big business and the sport has seen many great names throughout the years, many people who like to play a few rounds often take with them a hip flask so they can share a wee tipple while they enjoy hitting a few balls. I know I do.

If you are a keen lover of horse racing then we have some nice stainless steel hip flasks that are perfect for the racing enthusiast. These well made flasks are great when you are attending a horse race, no need to race to the bar when you have one of these in your pocket.

We also offer some wonderful shooting stainless hip flasks that depict the sport, from rifles to pheasants, shotgun shells to figures holding and shooting guns. If you like the country sport of shooting then one of our fantastic shooting inspired flasks are perfect for you.

Can’t find what you are looking for in our stainless steel collection then why not check out our pewter sporting flasks, we have boating, rugby, football, bowling and horse riding pewter sporting hip flasks available.

Don’t forget you can personalise your new flask with one of our engraving fonts.