Stainless Steel Hunters Flasks

Stainless Steel Hunters Flasks

Stainless Steel Hunters Flasks are perfect for those of you who like to get around in the great outdoors. Traditionally used by hunters, these flasks are now loved by so many others that they are one of our most popular ranges.

Each of our hunters flasks are made from great quality leather which has been wrapped around excellent quality stainless steel. Each of the flasks hold 227ml or 8oz of booze.
The flasks have a leather cap that poppers onto the top of the flask. The reason for this is that inside the leather cap sits 2 stainless steel cups and these cups nestle nicely on top of the  hip flask for safe keeping.

Now I mentioned that these flasks were primarily used by hunters which is how they got their name. The flasks are the perfect size and shape for you to pop into your hunting bags or the pockets of your hunting trousers so that it is easily accessible when you are in the thick of it! Taking a flask with you can help to keep you warm and your hands steady when trying to stay quiet when hunting. I would not recommend too much through as the stealth that you hope for will be nonexistent.
There are 2 cups so that you can share with a friend should you wish as hunting is not often a solitary sport but something done as a club or with friends.

Although names for hunters, these stainless steel flasks can be used by anyone and are growing in popularity with walkers and hikers these days. Fishermen too actually.

These hip flasks look great, feel great and make a fab present to an outdoorsy friend or a little something just for you.