Stainless Steel Hip Flasks with Pewter Figures

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Stainless steel hip flasks with pewter figures are a great seller and seem to be a favourite of many.

Our stainless steel hip flasks with pewter figures gives you the best of both worlds. With these flasks you get the strength and durability of stainless steel, and then you get the addition of the pewter figure. Pewter is a lovely material which boasts a lovely sheen. This paired with the gorgeous shine of the stainless steel, you are onto a winner.

These flasks make for wonderful gifts for both men and women and can be made that little bit extra special by adding an engraving to it. All of our stainless steel hip flasks with pewter figure are all engravable on both the front and the back and so you can add your message where ever you think it would look the best.

These hip flasks have a brushed finished which means that although they are still shiny, they are not mirrored shiny and are slightly darker in colour. We think that this works really well in contrast to the lovely pewter figures that they have on them.

These pewter figures bring the hip flask to life giving the flask more depth. We offer a wide range of pewter figures to chose from including The Stag, Pheasant, Fox, Fisherman, Shooting figure and many more.

The stainless steel flasks with pewter figures that we have available are all 6oz flasks and have captive tops. The 6oz flasks hold 170ml of your favourite drink and comes with a free stainless steel funnel to help ensure that your drink of choice goes into your flask easily without wasting any on the floor.