Stainless Steel Cushion Shaped Hip Flasks

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Stainless Steel Cushion Shaped Hip Flasks

Stainless steel cushion hip flasks are the perfect flask for someone who likes smoother edges to their hip flask. All the corners have a nice rounded feel to them which makes the overall look of the flask a lot more mellow.

Stainless Steel Cushion Shaped Hip FlasksThese stainless steel cushion shaped hip flasks also known as purse flasks, pillow flasks or pocket flasks are a nice alternative from the ordinary shaped hip flask.

These stainless steel cushion hip flasks take their name from the obvious shape that just so happens to resemble a cushion or pillow, with rounder edges and a more cushion like appearance it’s easy to see why people like these unique flasks.

This style of flask is a classic style that is often found in pewter but a stainless steel version offers the same kind of shape but with the added strength of steel. Perfect for people who want something a little different when popping out to a festival, music concert or night on the town.

These stainless steel cushion hip flasks are really unique as most people look for the popular kidney shaped hip flask and so miss out on the fun curved shape of these cushion flasks.

We love bringing different shaped flasks to our customers as we want to showcase the great choice available, cushion hip flasks provide an interesting and fashionable alternative to normal flasks.

Stainless steel is a very versatile material and so many different shapes and sizes of flasks are now possible thanks to the manufacturing techniques and designs. We hope to always bring you the best in fun and practical new shaped hip flasks and these cushion hip flasks are a step in the right direction.