Stainless Steel Country Hip Flasks

Stainless Steel Country Hip Flasks

Stainless steel country hip flasks are a great way to show patriotism to your country and to show that you are proud of your nationality and where you come from.

Here at the Pocket Hip Flask Company you can find a great range of country inspired hip flasks made from great quality stainless steel.

At the current moment we have stainless steel country hip flasks representing England, Ireland Scotland and Wales. We are hoping to increase the range to include other countries however, the flasks are not so easy to find.

Although the country choice may seem small, the range we have is rather large with over 20 different flasks to choose from.
Our stainless steel country hip flasks are not only popular with patriots but also very popular for those who have visited the countries and want some kind of memento and what better than a hip flasks?

The stainless steel that we use for these country hip flasks is of fantastic quality and it really shows in the flasks. All of the flasks in the country section come with captive tops so you will lose your lid no more. Those days are gone!

We have such a variety for you. We have leather wrapped stainless steel country hip flasks, stainless steel hip flasks with badges ranging from flags to images such as the Scottish Lion. We also have some arty country hip flasks that are well loved. If none of these are your thing then how about a gorgeous stainless steel hip flask featuring a nice Celtic design. Some of the flasks are shiny stainless steel and some are brushed stainless steel.

As well as the stainless steel country flasks we also have a great range of accessories that you can get to accompany them from cup sets to funnels and even presentation box upgrades. All of the accessories are available individually or many flasks you can buy as part of a gift set depending on what it is that you are after.

The choice is plentiful and the choice is yours.