Round Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

Round Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

Round stainless steel hip flasks are not your traditional shape for a flask however, we think that may be why they are so well liked. Just that something a little different and is perfect for those who like things a little further from the norm.

Because folk like the round shaped hip flasks we have an ever growing range which we are often adding to when we can.

Aren’t too keen on conforming to society’s demands then these round hip flasks are for you.

We have a couple of sizes available for you. The largest at the moment being 5oz which holds 142ml of that lovely liquid that we like and the smallest being 4.5oz which equates to 133ml of your favourite drink.

We have both brushed stainless steel and the usually shiny stainless steel available in our round stainless steel hip flask range.
The shiny round hip flasks have a plain back with a bright colourful badge on the front. At the moment we have several of these containing animals. We have dogs and we have a stag and they look great! These round stainless steel hip flasks with badges are the 4.5oz hip flasks and all of these flasks come with a no frills plastic funnel to help you fill your flask without spilling any precious liquid.

The brushed stainless steel hip flasks have a plain back however the front has a porthole design. The porthole is edges with a gold colouring and the cap is also gold in colour. These wonderful flasks come in a presentation box and includes a funnel.

As with most of our flasks, you can choose to have these round stainless steel hip flasks engraved using one of our many fonts.

As well as round stainless steel hip flasks we also have round pewter hip flasks available for you.