Novelty Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

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Showing all 75 results

Novelty Stainless Steel Hip Flasks make for great entertainment and are a great focal point for conversations with friends and family. Sometimes even strangers who you meet and who  see your great novelty hip flask.

Here at The Pocket Hip Flask Company we appreciate how much people like to have a laugh and to joke around. We strongly believe that having fun is and should always be part of what life is all about. Love and laughter should be two of that main things that we all have in life.
We decided to start our stainless steel novelty range of hip flasks to help our customers keep smiling and remain on the lighter side of life while they are out and about having a drink. Nothing better than seeing folk out and about having a good time!

Our novelty hip flask range is quite extensive and we hope to grow it further in the near future. We have laugh out louds for everyone including many ‘Keep Calm’ hip flasks, Batman flasks (although bear in mind that just because you have the flask it does not make you Batman, even if you finish the contents of your hip flask). We have moustache shaped flasks, flasks containing smart ass remarks such as “moaning juice” and “hangover in construction” and even funky shaped flasks such as footballs and pistols. Many of these may sound like they are for men however, they seem to be well loved by all. We do have have some specifically for women that are bright pink, sparkly and some that state that they are just for a girl’s night out.
We even have some novelty hip flasks wearing Christmas jumpers – aw sooo cute!
All of  our novelty hip flask are made from great quality stainless steel and we take great care and effort in picking the best that there is to offer just so that you have your pick of the bunch which is why,  we are certain that our range of stainless steel novelty hip flasks are sure to make someone’s day whether it’s a gift for yourself or a friend.

99% of our hip flasks are engraveable so why not make it unique by adding some text or a picture.