Luxury Leather Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

Luxury Leather Stainless Steel Hip Flasks
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Luxury Leather Hip Flasks

Luxury-Leather-Hip-FlasksLuxury Leather Stainless Steel Hip Flasks are the best of British design and manufacturing. When you think of luxury you think of quality materials and fine workmanship, we are proud to bring you these beautifully made luxury leather and stainless steel hip flasks that are designed and hand finished here in the UK.

Each of these specially hand finished leather hip flasks are made using quality food grade stainless steel which is rolled and then constructed here in the UK.

You really feel the quality of the finish when you hold one of these fantastic items in your hands, there is a nice weight there but not too much to become a burden when carrying your favourite liquid relief.

The leather that is used in the production of these luxury leather flasks Ladies-Luxury-Leather-Hip-Flasksis chosen for its quality and finish. As this is a natural leather product some of the animals characteristics will show, these may include scars, creases in the skin and veins, much like our very own finger prints these marks are unique from animal to animal and tell the story of its life and so create a unique work of art that should be appreciated as both beautiful and individual.

Finishing Touches

These lovingly made luxury leather spirit flasks are finished with a captive arm made of brass and then chrome plated to give it a wonderful luxury finish (or some of the ladies flasks are finished with a round top). This really ties the whole flask together and goes to show the lengths the producer has gone to when making this luxury product. Cheaper Chinese versions so often have a plastic captive arm that is chrome plated and so you really know this British made product is not wanting to have any association with the cheaper designs on the market.
So whether you are male or female our selection of luxury leather hip flasks offer you a chance to carry a little piece of quality British design in your pocket, sizes available are 4oz up to 8oz and come in a variety of different coloured leather styles and textures.