Faux Leather Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

Faux Leather Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

The faux leather stainless steel hip flasks sold here at The Pocket Hp Flask Company are of excellent quality and are very popular amongst our customers.

Our faux leather hip flasks are very well priced and look brilliant! Faux leather has become such a great and effective way to create art work on the flasks that you would not usually associate with real leather. The faux leather material is most commonly used to replicate the look and feel of leather at a fraction of the cost.
Faux leather is also much easier to dye making it possible to supply a whole range of colours and designs.

We currently offer a wide range of faux leather stainless steel hip flasks with over 20 different flasks in our collection.
Birthday’s seem to be a very popular occasion for buying a hip flask and so, this is why we offer various milestones such as 18th, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays. We have found that another popular occasion for our faux leather hip flasks is retirement gifts and so we have of course hip flasks suited just for this occasion.

Because everyone likes something a little different we have flasks for everyone from novelty flasks such as amusing golfing and fishing related flasks, through to beautifully crafted tartan hip flasks which are a mix of material and faux leather. We have pretty and dainty hip flasks for the ladies and larger flasks for the gents. Although there is nothing from stopping the ladies from using a nice 6oz faux leather hip flask!

We have single faux leather stainless steel hip flasks and we also have gift sets. All of the gift sets come in presentation boxes along with a funnel and depending on the set that you purchase, it will come with either one or two cups to go along with it.