Leather encased Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

Leather encased Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

Leather encased Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

Leather encased stainless steel hip flasks are one of the most popular hip Leather encased Stainless Steel Hip Flasksflasks we sell. When it comes to fine flasks leather really adds a hint of sophistication to the flask design. Whether you are looking at one of our fine luxury leather hip flasks or if you are looking at our mid range leather hip flasks we are sure we have something to suit your needs.

What different types of leather flasks do we offer?

Our range of standard leather hip flasks includes some very popular styles that merge stainless steel with black or brown leather, turning the hip flask into something with much more style. From fully encased leather hip flasks to leather flasks with engraving plates or areas of the flask left uncovered to create different effects.

Offering engraving plate designs means your leather encased gift can be personalised to create a gift that will not just last for many years but will have significant meaning to the recipient. Leather looks and smells great and when it is covering a hip flask it really finds its own.

Leather encased Stainless Steel Hip FlasksLuxury leather is the final step in hip flask glory, if you like to have something that really stands for quality and durability then the range of luxury leather hip flasks we offer are sure to tick all the boxes.

These finely crafted leather hip flasks are made from the highest quality stainless steel and then encased with the finest quality natural luxury leather, between the high quality steel and beautiful natural leather the hip flask comes to life.

The use of natural leather brings an element of uniqueness to each and every flask as much like a finger print is different so is every animal and so this is transferred in to the finished product with small scares, veins or tiny blemishes that show the life and times of the animal.

At The Pocket Hip Flask Company we have always believed in offering our customers a great choice in hip flasks and we think our range of leather stainless steel hip flasks does just that, from luxury leather to simple well priced leather flasks we hope to be able to help you with your new leather encased hip flask.