Ladies Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

Ladies Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

Ladies stainless steel hip flasks – so ladies, what do you say….what’s not to like about our beautifully made stainless steel hip flasks?!

Gone are the days when they were for men only, in this day and age, they are for everyone.

This is the reason that we have carefully selected a wonderful collection of ladies stainless steel hip flasks. In these modern times there is no reason that a lady should not enjoy a wee tipple along with the men.

We have wide selection of hip flasks for you to choose from and they come in a great selection of sizes too.

Our smallest hip flask is 2oz which like the small 3oz hip flasks, they are just perfect for your small handbag or clutch bags depending on the occasion. Some of our 3oz hip flasks are available in a gift set which contains a funnel and 2 cups so that you can share.. If you want to that is!
Next up we have the 4oz stainless steel hip flasks, although they are a tiny amount too big for a clutch bag, they will still fit in a nice and compact handbag.
Last but by no means least, our largest of the ladies stainless steel hip flasks is the 6oz. The 6oz is one of the most popular of the flasks sizes, however they are all well loved.

These ladies stainless steel hip flasks make a fantastic treat for yourself, just because or, they make a fantastic and well received gift for the ladies in your life who like a little drink now and again. The majority of our flasks can be personalised and can have message of your choosing engraved onto them.

Whether you like plain hip flasks, sparkly hip flasks, dotty hip flasks or even sparkly hip flasks, we have something here that all ladies will love which is why this range is exclusively Ladies Stainless Steel Hip Flasks.