Celtic Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

Celtic Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

Celtic Stainless Steel Hip Flasks

Celtic stainless steel hip flasks seem to grow in popularity year on year Celtic Stainless Steel Hip Flaskswhich is excellent for us as a business as it means that more and more different designs are becoming available and excellent for you guys as the customer as it means that you have so much more to choose from.

The Celtic shapes and patterns are so well loved that not only can you find them on our Celtic stainless steel hip flask but on a multitude of others things too like, jewellery, tattoos and artwork.

The most common Celtic design that you will see is the Celtic knot which is an intricate interlaced design. Everyone will have seen them somewhere in the shape of a Celtic Cross or a Celtic Triquetra.

Celtic designs have been around for centuries and for good reason too. This is the reason that our Celtic stainless steel hip flasks are going to be around for a long time too.

We have such a wide variety Celtic stainless steel hip flasks for you to look though, over 25 different styles, sizes all with different designs.
We have Celtic hip flasks that are available as individual items and we also have a whole range of gift sets.

For the individual flasks you have the option of leaving them as they are or, you can make them into a little set by adding a funnel and then popping the flask and the funnel into one of our satin lined presentation boxes. Either way, whatever you choose, they will look great.

Celtic Gift Sets

For our Celtic stainless steel hip flask gift sets we have a few options for you. We have sets that are we have described in a presentation box and a funnel or, we have sets that include the flask, a funnel and some stainless steel cups for drinking from. Lots of options for you.

The flasks themselves are made from quality stainless steel and all come with captive tops which is the preferred top of choice for most. We have flasks that range from 4oz through to 8oz depending on the size that you prefer and the need.

The designs that we have are some of the best around and you will find designs such as, the Celtic know, the shamrock, tartan, thistles, stags and so much more.

Whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift, these Celtic stainless steel hip flasks really are a treat.