Shooting Hip Flasks

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Showing all 7 results

Shooting hip flasks are perfect for the shooting enthusiast. Shooting sports have been around for as long as guns have, these sports are seen a precision sports and often attract people who like to prove themselves with precision shooting often at paper or metal targets as well as the popular clay pigeon shooting. I love clay pigeon shooting, being provided with a moving target is a great way to become an accomplished marksman. If you are not used to the shotgun be prepared for a bit of shoulder pain, alternatively you can fire smaller rounds which lessen the kickback.

I think at this point we should probably say that guns and alcohol are probably not your best combination, however carrying a hip flask so you can have a wee sip after you have taken part in the sport or during a lunch break is probably alright, however trying to juggle your gun in one hand and your flask in the other is probably not the way to go, just saying.

Our range of shooting inspired hip flasks really capture the great art of shooting in some wonderful scenes that will be the envy of your shooting buddies. Pewter is a beautiful metal and our shooting pewter hip flasks really stand out as wonderful products that not only look great but feel great in your hand. Stainless steel is also a great material for our range of shooting hip flasks and with a wider choice you will be able to find a great hip flask that will be great for anyone who likes shooting and its paraphernalia.

Leather hip flasks are also a great choice for people who like outdoors activities like shooting, golf and fishing. Leather flasks look great and mean on a cold day you’ll not stick your hands to your flask when going for a sip. Have a look at our range of leather flask which also includes our luxury leather range for both gentlemen and ladies.