Horse Riding Hip Flasks

Horse Riding Hip Flasks

Horse hip flasks at The Pocket Hip Flask Company. There are so many horse lovers out there whether is a joy of riding your faithful horse in a nice summers day or taking a trip down to the race track, horses are much loved and many people like to show their love of horses with jewellery, clothing or other horsey styled things. Great news horse hip flasks are here and they look great.

Our small yet quality selection of horse inspired hip flasks are perfect for any horse enthusiast, they not only look great but they also provide a great means to carry your favourite tipple.

We offer both stainless steel and pewter horse design hip flasks and both have their own merits, the pewter flask displays the head of a beautiful horse and is perfect for people who like to go horse riding in the nice open country as well as care for their own horse. The stainless steel hip flask displays a horse racing scene and is perfect for those horse enthusiasts who love a day at the races or who themselves race horses and enjoy the connection with the animal as the race down the leader.

Hip flasks are a great way to discreetly carry alcohol while out and about and make fantastic gifts for people, our range of horse hip flasks are no exception and will fit into any saddle bag.

If you are looking for something that will match with your livery then we might suggest our range of luxury leather hip flasks, there wonderful flasks are made from a quality leather and would go very well with the leather of your saddle.

Please drink responsibly and remember not to drink and horse.