Football and Rugby Hip Flasks

Football and Rugby Hip Flasks

Football and Rugby Hip Flasks are here at The Pocket Hip Flask Co in both pewter and stainless steel.
They may be sports that come from the same form of football but both have very different rules and attract very different fans, it is true however that large crowds of loyal supporters flock week in week out during the season to support their teams, these people live and breathe the sport they love.

Anyone can enjoy a good kick around as long as you have a near round object that can be kicked around for 90 minutes. The original football was thought to have been made from pigs or other animals bladders just going to show that anything is possible, I myself have played football with an apple, an old tin can, a bottle of water, a tennis ball, golf ball and even a football.

Football is probably the world’s biggest sport, it has fans all over the world and in some of the remotest locations. Football is the kicking of a ball by using the foot to score a goal or point in the oppositions net. There have been many adaptations of what we currently know as the modern game of football, from ancient Chinese football as well as something the Greeks and Romans used to play.
The game has certainly come a long way from pigs bladders and is now more about advertising and TV rights as it is about actually playing the game.

Our range of football hip flasks are not extensive however we have a small selection that are perfect for the football enthusiast, so whether you are playing at home or away our range of footy flasks are great for any football fan.

Rugby is known as the gentleman’s game and having started to watch this sport I tend to agree. Not only are the rules quite easy to follow when you get into the game, but the rules are taken quite seriously and the referee is always listen to. Rugby is essentially another form of football but with slight twists in the rules allowing for the ball to be picked up.

Rugby came about in a school in Rugby in Warwickshire, during the 19th century. Of course rugby is just another form of football that was adopted to create a different style game that ended up being very popular and thus for played at British public schools. It is now widely played throughout the world with many nations enjoying the sport.

We offer one style of rugby hip flask in several variations, however this is a great designed flask and really suits anyone who has a passion for the game.

Whether you are into football or rugby you will find some nice flasks that are inspired by the these great team games, so be a team player and get your flask, and don’t forget to share with your friends.