Plain Hip Flasks - Perfect for Logo Engraving

Plain Hip Flasks - Perfect for Logo Engraving

Plain Hip Flasks

These are our wonderful plain hip flasks that are just perfect for logo Plain-Hip-Flasksengraving. With a wide selection of plain hip flasks from stainless steel to English pewter you have a great range to chose from when selecting a flask for logo or image engraving.

Brushed Stainless steel Flasks

Probably one of our most popular plain flasks is the brushed 6oz and 4oz, people just love the brushed effect making the flask more subtle than its shiny opposite.   The brushed effect lends well to logo engraving providing a more muted effect for people who want a more discrete result.

Shiny Stainless Steel Flasks

The shiny steel flasks lends itself very well to logo engraving, the contrast between the shiny finish of the flask and dull cut that is created from direct diamond drag engraving really makes the logo pop on the flask.  If you really want your logo to stand out then using a shiny flask is the way forward.

Shiny Pewter Hip Flasks

Pewter is a wonderful material to engrave, not only is it a softer metal and so easier to engrave, but it is also nice and shiny and so produces a perfect contrasting image when the image is lightly engraved into the surface of the flask.  Pewter hip flasks come in many sizes and styles so we can offer a wide range of choice.

What about engraving other flasks?

We can engrave all of our other flasks with logos (excluding the luxury leather and leather range), however because our other flasks have artwork on the front then we would have to place any logo engraving on the back of the flask, please note our pewter kidney shaped flasks have limited space due to the curve.

When it comes to logo engraving we want to make sure our customers have a fantastic choice of flasks.  Pewter makes for a more luxurious product so depending on your price range you have a good choice, stainless steel is priced slightly cheaper and so means that it is perfect for bulk orders, company events and large parties.

Whatever your engraving needs from text to company logos, we are happy to help and advise.

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