Slimline Pewter Hip Flasks

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Slimline Pewter Hip Flasks

Slimline Pewter Hip FlasksSlimline pewter hip flasks are made to be worn in your boot and so are also known as boot flasks and were worn in the boots of men in the cavalry, of course nowadays most people don’t wear boot and so wouldn’t be able to store their slimline pewter hip flasks their.

Whether you have a boot or not these pewter flasks make a beautiful gift and with their slimline nature are perfect for fitting in handbags, trousers pockets or as previously mentioned a boot if you happen to be wearing them, if not find a friend who is wearing some boots and put the flask there.

Pewter makes a wonderful material of making beautiful flasks, this can clearly be seen in the finish of these perfect items.

Why not get your new hip flask engraved with one of our fantastic engraving fonts?  If you’re feeling super inventive then why not have a logo engraved which will really make the gift standout.