Round Pewter Hip Flasks

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Round Pewter Hip Flasks

Round pewter hip flasks bring a different style to our range of pewter hipRound Pewter Hip Flasks flasks. Round hip flasks are not a very commonly found item amongst most people who carry a hip flask. This in itself makes them an interesting choice when it comes to picking your hip flask as the style will certainly stand out and provide much conversation about the unique nature of the flask.

Pewter makes a brilliant material for round hip flasks, the shiny polished metal really brings the round hip flask into its own, coupled with the round shape of the flask we are sure these flasks will make a good impact when presented as a reward, a gift for a retiring work college or as a gift for a groomsman at your wedding .

Why a Round Pewter Hip Flask?

Buying a round pewter hip flask takes you a step away from the normal, a person who drinks out of a round hip flask doesn’t necessary conform to the normal social pressures, they like something a bit different and don’t mind showing it. If you like to do things a bit differently then a round pewter flask is probably perfect for you.

The round flask is not a new conception, when man first started to think about storing liquids in containers he used round fruits and animal stomachs, we have even seen wood carved into round flasks to provide a solution to the issue of carry liquor. Of course times have moved on and the round pewter hip flask is the evolution in round hip flasks.

Our round pewter hip flasks come in a variety of different styles and sizes and make the perfect gift for men and women alike. You can also personalise your round flask with one of our engraving fonts.