Pewter Hip Flasks with Traditional Top

Pewter Hip Flasks with Traditional Top

Pewter Hip Flasks with Traditional Top

First of all is has to be said that traditional pewter screw top hip flasks are a perfect timeless style that Pewter Hip Flasks with Traditional Topwill never go out of fashion. Back before captive tops came along the gentleman drinker had to keep track of where he put his cap, when having a drink its hard to remember not to put the cap down where it might be forgotten.

Traditional cap pewter hip flasks have a wonderful classic look that will always stand the test of time. People are always looking back at fashions and trends so they can bring them back into fashion.

Traditional cap pewter flasks speak of elegance and sophistication, they also speak of simpler times and are often loved by people who like nothing more than to think back on times long passed.

Where is Our Pewter Made?

All our traditional top pewter flasks are made in Sheffield in the UK, Sheffield is still the heart of the British pewter industry and still proudly produces beautiful traditional pewter products, some companies have been producing pewter giftware for several hundred years keeping the old traditional designs as part of their heritage, a reminder of where their roots lie.

So if you are looking for something a little more traditional but made from a modern high quality pewter (which no longer contains lead as this was removed in 1974), then we think our range of traditional top pewter flasks is right up your street.

We offer a wide range of different designs to suit most people’s needs from shiny plain pewter flasks to our range of patterned traditional top flasks that come in a beautiful variety.

Each one of our traditional top pewter hip flasks is finished by hand to produce a high quality and lasting product that will provide joy and happiness far into the future. We think that traditions need to be kept so that future generations can benefit from the beauty and design of the past.

All our traditional top pewter flasks come with the option of engraving so you can personalise your hip flask and really make your gift stand out.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a high quality pewter flask then no need to look any further.