Pewter Cushion Shaped Hip Flasks

Pewter Cushion Shaped Hip Flasks

Pewter Cushion Shaped Hip Flasks

Pewter cushion shaped hip flasks are also known as pocket flasks due to the style and shaping.

Pewter Cushion Shaped Hip FlasksHere at The Pocket Hip Flask Company we think that the cushion shaped hip flask is a very elegant style of flask with its soft and subtle curved corners. Our customers seem to agree as alongside our kidney shaped hip flasks these lovely flasks are some of our most popular.

We have cushion flasks available in both pewter and stainless steel but you are looking in our pewter section and so we will tell you a little bit about our pewter cushion shaped hip flasks.

Our Pewter Cushion Flasks

One of the reasons that we like pewter for our cushion shaped flasks is that not only does it look great due to the type of materials used, along with its lush and lustrous sheen depending on how you keep your flasks over time, the colour can alter slightly. I think the colour change of pewter over time gives the flasks more character and just think what it will like years down the line when it has been passed from generation to generation.

You can wash your pewter flasks with some warm and soapy water and providing that you use a soft cloth, you can ensure that it keeps it gorgeous shine. Just please be careful as pewter is a soft metal and may scratch easily if using abrasive cleaning materials.
As long as you take care of your pewter cushion shaped hip flasks they will last for many many years.

Pewter wears well over time and much like silver it can be identified by its makers marks which can tell you where they have come from and when they were made.

All of our pewter hip flasks have been made in Sheffield which is in the UK. We believe that with our pewter range of cushion hip flasks the shiny pewter really brings the flask to life.