Novelty Pewter Hip Flasks

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Novelty Pewter Hip Flasks

Novelty Pewter Hip Flasks make up a small fraction of the pewter flasks we have to offer but we wanted to give those people who like the odd and sometimes crazy things we find a chance to see the interesting pewter hip flasks we come across.

Novelty Pewter Hip FlasksFrom Egyptian Mummies to mobile phone shaped pewter flasks we have tracked down some of the strangest looking novelty pewter hip flasks we could find. We can only guess as to why anybody would want a hip flask shaped like a Mummy but as we found it we wanted to share the novelty value of it with you. Sometimes you just have to have a bit of fun so including these strange flasks in our collection has always been about enjoying the stranger things in life.

The word ‘novelty’ means original or unusual, well we sure know what this means when it comes to some of our novelty pewter hip flasks. Of course not everything in our novelty range is quite so strange, our heart shaped hip flask is very popular with the ladies and is produced using the highest quality pewter which is then hand finished to produce a wonderful looking unique flask.

Pewter is a wonderful material and any of our pewter hip flasks are a testament to this fact. Bringing the novelty element into the mix really just shows how diverse the metal really is.

Our heart shaped flask is perfect for bridesmaids, birthdays and special occasions. Our novelty Egyptian Mummy shaped hip flask is perfect for just about anyone who likes a good laugh because there is no other reason to want one of these.