Kidney Shaped Pewter Hip Flasks

Kidney Shaped Pewter Hip Flasks

Kidney Shaped Pewter Hip Flasks

Kidney shaped pewter hip flasks at The Pocket Hip Flask Company.Kidney Shaped Pewter Hip Flasks
Here is a look at our range lovely range of kidney shaped pewter hip flasks. The kidney shaped hip flask is probably the most well known hip flask shape and what people tend to associate the traditional hip flask to look like.

The basic kidney shaped hip flasks have been designed to be placed on your person in say your trousers pockets or your breast pocket as they are rectangular in shape and are curved so that they fit the shape of your body comfortably.

When people have an idea of a hip flask they normally picture the kidney shaped flask. Our kidney shaped pewter hip flasks are some of our most popular as the symbolise what a hip flask is to most people. As they are so well liked we have a nice variety for you to peruse at your own leisure in a range of sizes and designed.

What Pewter kidney Flasks do we Stock?

With over 60 different kidney shaped pewter hip flasks in stock you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Kidney Shaped Pewter Hip FlasksOur online flask store offers sizes from 2oz to 8oz and designed to cater for all. We have flasks for weddings, flasks for country, animals, sports including fishing, golf, horse riding, football and rugby, and then we have some plain flasks as well as Celtic designed flasks, just to name a few of what is available. We really have something to suit all tastes.

We have gathered our collection of pewter kidney shaped hip flasks and put them all in one place for you to have a look through. We sell both English pewter and stainless steel kidney shaped hip flasks so if you can’t find it in pewter then maybe we have something in  steel you  may like..

Why not make your purchase a little more personal by having a special message or logo engraved onto it.