Pewter Hip Flasks

Pewter Hip Flasks

Pewter hip flasks

Pewter Hip FlasksHere at The Pocket Hip Flask Company we sell such a wide range of beautifully crafted pewter hip flasks so that our customers really do have a  great choice.

Every single one of our pewter hip flasks has been made right here in the UK and all come from Sheffield which is very famous for its pewter. When you purchase these wonderfully made Pewter flasks you can be sure of the quality and workmanship that has gone in to everyone single of these British made products.

What is Pewter Made of?

Just in case you are unsure of what pewter is – pewter is a metal alloy consisting of tin, copper and antimony. The compound is usually made up of 85-99% tin and then the remaining a mix of copper and antimony to help to harden the metal as tin itself can be very soft. All pewter hip flasks are made in pretty much the same way. All our pewter flasks are lead free.

Pewter has been around for many many years and at one point would have been seen in most households. Pewter can be used for so many different things from plates to chalices through to candlesticks, cutlery and serving wear. Unfortunately you will not find too much of it being made anymore which is why it makes all pewter hip flasks all the more special.

So why do we use pewter for some of our flasks, let me start of by telling you that one of the reasons that we use it is that is has such a soft and subtle beauty to it. Pewter is a very tactile material and can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes. For example, we have a minimum of 5 different shapes available at all times. We have cushion, kidney, round and slim line just to name a few! With regards to the sizes we know how much people like choice and so we have flasks ranging from 3oz to 8oz.

All pewter hip flasks that we have available are suitable for men and women alike although we do have hip flasks that are aimed specifically for both.

Personalise one of these pewter hip flasks by taking advantage of our engraving options.