Leather Encased Hip Flasks

Leather Encased Hip Flasks

Leather Encased Hip FlasksLeather Covered Hip Flasks are here at The Pocket Hip Flask Company and we sell an excellent selection of leather encased hip flasks.  Our range of leather hip flasks are made up of quality stainless steel and then wrapped in leather which helps create a wonderful gift that will look great at any social event.

Our British made luxury leather covered hip flasks are 100% made right here in the UK, using high quality stainless steel the British producers rolls and makes the flasks themselves and then using high quality treated leather the flasks are encased and finished by hand, these flask really do speak of quality leather and at a price that is very reasonable.Leather Encased Hip Flasks

Don’t worry if the luxury leather is not what you are looking for because we also sell a great range of affordable yet quality leather hip flasks that make perfect gifts.  Our best selling range of flasks are our standard leather covered hip flask range as the range offers great looking leather bound hip flasks that are priced for most peoples budget.

We also sell a small selection of faux leather hip flasks, these flasks are coated in a plastic that is made to look like leather, the great thing about this type of leather looking material is the easy wipe clean feature.

Leather really is a timeless style and so looks great when added to our range of hip flasks. Leather has been wrapping flasks for years and we hope this will continue for many more years to come. Grab your leather flask now and don’t forget to say ‘cheers’ and share with your friends.