Hip Flask Gift Sets in Cardboard Presentation Box

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Showing all 9 results

Hip Flask Gift Sets in Cardboard Presentation Box found at The Pocket Hip Flask Company UK, we sell some affordable quality stainless steel hip flasks gift sets.  Some of our range of Hip Flask Gift Sets come in quality Cardboard Presentation Boxes which make for a great gift idea.  We sell many different varieties of hip flask gift sets in cardboard boxes.  Each gift set contains a stainless steel hip flask in varying sizes, at least one stainless steel cup (we have a set with two cups) and a stainless steel funnel (the two cup set has a plastic funnel but we have upgrade options).

These fantastic gift sets are produced for both men and women so we are sure if you a looking for a hip flask gift set we have the one you are looking for. Where the flask has an engraving plate or clear face we will happily engrave your item with one of our fantastic engraving fonts.

These lovely little hip flask gift sets are a perfect little gift for someone. Personalise one of these hip flasks sets with one of our engraving fonts and really make your gift stand out in the crowd, adding this personal touch also gives your gift so much more meaning to the recipient.

When it comes to gift giving a hip flask really does make for a great gift, not only can the flask be personalised but it can also be used time and again, these gift sets can also take pride of place on a shelf where you they can sit ready for action.