Portable Collapsible shot glass, 2oz Travel Cup

Portable Collapsible shot glass, 2oz Travel Cup
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Portable Collapsible shot glass 2oz Travel Cups make a fantastic accessory to any hip flask.

These funky hip flask travel cups are made from stainless steel and all have a brass effect finished cap. The caps snap onto the cup after it has been collapsed, making it nice and small which makes it great for popping in your pocket, your purse or, you can pop it on your keys or attach to your belt loops if you wanted as each portable collapsible shot glass cup comes with a key ring.

They really are the perfect carry around size and perfect accompaniment to your hip flasks. The collapsed size of the travel cups is 1.75in high x 2in diameter and the extended size is 2.5in high x 2in diameter.

As well a the brass effect finish and the key ring, you would think that these shot cups could not get any better but, that is not the case as each of the brass caps has had some awesome artwork engraved onto them. Even the packaging looks great with its vintage styling. Designed to look like a deck of cards there are some word’s written on the back which read

“Raise a toast any time or anywhere you go with this collapsible shot glass!
This stylish cup is perfect for any gentleman (or lady) on the go.”

Our portable collapsible shot glass 2oz travel cups are similar in style to our American Art hip flasks and so look great when paired with any of them.
These brilliant cups make a wonderful addition to your own hip flask or, they make perfect gifts to those who already have hip flasks and even those who don’t and you are buying a nice gift set for them.
Handy for sneaking a tipple at occasions such as weddings etc. With these cool and convenient collapsible cups, you can have yourself a little drink at a time of your choosing!