Hip Flask Funnels

Hip Flask Funnels

Hip Flask Funnels are without a doubt our most popular of hip flask accessories.

To be honest, I would say that hip flasks are a necessity for all of those who have a hip flask as it is the only way to get your favourite nectar into your hip flask without pouring it all over yourself and the floor.

Each of our funnels are made to fit most standard hip flasks with openings of over 9mm Diameter.

Our hip flask funnels are available in a few options for you and the finish of the funnels themselves are one of the options. We have two different finishes available for you.
Shiny polished finish funnels which are your basic no frills stainless steel funnel which have a nice and shiny finish to them and;
bushed finish funnels. The only difference between the two is that this funnel has not got a polished finish and is a little darker in colour.
Both the brushed and shiny finish hip flask funnels make a great addition to any hip flask. They are available for purchase as a standalone product or, if you want, you can purchase then alongside a hip flask and make a set out of it. Everyone who owns a hip flask needs a funnel even if it is your most basic. These stand alone single funnels are the right fit and look great arranged next to any hip flask presented in one of our satin lined presentation boxes.

As well as our basic funnels we also have another option for you to consider – we also offer a shiny stainless steel funnels in a gift box. These funnels are great if you wish to either just buy the funnel by itself or, as part of a gift set that you are putting together yourself. Either way, they look great.

When you are using the funnel to fill your flask, you will need to make sure that you do not create an airlock in the flask as otherwise, the liquor will start to come straight back out again. What you need to when filling the flask is lift the funnel slightly out or the neck of the flask to allow the air to circulate. You can then start pouring your favourite tipple into your favourite hip flask. I would however advise pouring slowly just to ensure that it fills well. Slow will save you time and spillage.