Flask Cup Sets

Flask Cup Sets

Flask cup sets make for a fantastic addition to any hip flask and hip flask accessories collection.
Our hip flask cup sets would make a lovely and thoughtful gift for those who would use them or, they would make an amazing treat for yourself.

Here at The Pocket Hip Flask Company we sell a nice wide variety of cup sets that would compliment any hip flask. All of our cup sets are made from stainless steel and are presented in a variety of cases.

We have such a great collection of flask cup sets to choose from.
We sell both black and brown leather sets, some of which are made from our superior Spanish leather. These Spanish Leather sets match our Spanish Leather hip flasks in both quality and colours.
Our standard leather sets are also great quality however they are not made from Spanish leather.
The leather cup sets are available in sets containing either 4 cups or 10 cups. The amount that you choose depends on just how much you want to share….

As well as the leather and stainless steel flask cup sets we also have a great collection of American Art Collapsible Shot glass, 2oz travel cups which are brilliantly popular and go excellently with our American Art style hip flasks.

If collapsible shot cups and leather cup sets are not for you then we also have some more unusual sets that come presented in wooden boxes. We have our set of stainless steel mug shot cups which are designed to look like miniature mugs and are available in sets of 2 or 4 and, we also have stainless steel shot cups which look great and are also available for purchase in sets of 2 or 4.

Whatever you choose, we are sure that our selection of hip flask cup sets will be worth having a drink (or 2) over.