Engrave a Logo (only add to basket if directed)

Engrave a Logo (only add to basket if directed)

Engrave a logo onto your hip flask for the wonderful price of only £4.99.
Having a logo engraved onto your flask is a great way to take personalisation to a whole new level.

Using our up to date engraving machine and engraving software, we can engrave a logo of your choice onto many of our hip flasks. Stainless steel or pewter, it matters not, we can engrave on pretty much anything.

The logo that you choose to have engraved on your hip flask can be almost any image. Want your company logo engraved onto some hip flasks for your staff or for advertising and marketing purposes, we can do it for you.
Want your family crest engraved onto your hip flask, yes, you guessed it, we can do that too.
Do you have a drawing of your family pet that you want engraved or an image of something that you just really, really like, we can cater for that too.

Engraving a logo onto a hip flask can really mean a lot and make a gift really something special. We find that taking a little extra time to find something that is personal to a certain someone or, cause your best friend to laugh out loud every time they look at it, these extra touches really do mean a great deal to the person that you are gifting it to.

To get the best result when you choose to engrave a logo onto a flask, the best image to send to us would be a black and white line drawing as this will produce the most crisp and clear logo. We can work with you though to ensure that we can do the best job for you.
Also, we are more than happy to help if you know what you want but are struggling to find that certain image you are looking for – for any help that you need, advise or queries, please contact us where we will be more than happy to assist. We have an experienced engraver on site who will be happy to answer any questions that you have.