6oz Hip Flasks

6oz Hip Flasks

6oz Hip Flasks

6oz hip flasks can be found here. We sell a wide selection of different sized 6oz Hip Flaskship flasks. This page is dedicated to our range of 6oz hip flasks in both stainless steel and pewter.

The Pocket Hip Flask Company are proud to bring you our massive collection of 6oz Hip Flasks. We sell hundreds of this very popular sized flask.

When it comes to hip flasks we think we know what we are talking about. Most people want a hip flasks that looks stylish, fits well in their pocket and holds just the right amount of alcohol.

Why a 6oz Hip Flask?

6oz Hip FlaskThe 6oz hip flask is the most popular sized hip flask as it holds a good amount of liquid (approximately 170ml or about 7 shots), it is also well proportioned so it will not stick out of your pocket and look bulky. We love the look of the plain pewter 6oz hip flasks but everybody has their favourite and for some stainless steel is the only way forward.

We offer a wide selection in both 6oz pewter hip flasks and 6oz stainless steel hip flasks. All our pewter hip flasks are made here in the UK. Most of our stainless steel flasks are made in China with the exception of the luxury leather hip flasks that are fully hand crafted here in the UK.

Whatever kind of style you have in mind when it comes to your new 6oz hip flask we are sure to have what you are looking for. If you cannot find the flasks you are looking for then please let us know and we will see if we can help.

We hope you find the prefect flask for you or your loved one.