Irish Hip Flasks

Irish Hip Flasks

Irish hip flasks are a great way to show your appreciation and patriotism for the wonderful Emerald Isle. Did you know that Ireland nicknamed the Emerald Isle? Do you know why?

You would be correct in thinking that Ireland has been name the Emerald Isle due to it being a country of such lush and beautiful greenery. The story of where the name came from however is a little more interesting. Ireland was given the poetic name of the Emerald Isle bank in 1795 by poet and physician William Drennan. William penned the poem “When Erin First Rose” during the rebellion and that was when the very first reference was used and has been used ever since.
We chose to add Irish hip flasks to our collection as although we ourselves are not Irish we sure can appreciate its beauty and the fact that there is so much love for the country out there. And so, to show our appreciation for the Irish and Ireland, The Pocket Hip Flask Company have created the fantastic selection of Irish hip flasks that you can see above.

We have a great mix of both stainless steel and pewter flasks for you to choose from in our ever growing collection. These flasks range from 8oz down to 4oz and we have a style and design to suit everyone.
If traditional Ireland is your taste then we sure can cater for that with a good ole shamrock or, if you like something a little bit different we also have some great American Art flasks pertaining to Ireland.
We even have some leather wrapped flasks which make up the Irish Flag.

We have both traditional tops and captive tops available and most of our hip flasks are available for personalisation so, if you are thinking of buying one of our Irish hip flasks as a gift then why not make it extra special by having a little message engraved.

Sláinte – a toast to your good health