English Hip Flasks

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Showing all 12 results

English hip flasks are loved by all those patriot Englishmen and women. You can show the world just how much you love your country by using your England themed hip flask.

We have a range of both stainless steel and pewter England hip flasks for you to choose from all of which are just great.

For the stainless steel spirit flasks we have a nice mix of sizes and designs for you. You can have any size that you like from 5oz up through to 8oz. The designs that we have available are sure to please and not to disappoint as among the many we have, St George Cross which is available as a leather wrapped flask or as standard steel with a George’s Cross badge. We also have a range of great union jack flasks that are part of the vintage classics range and feature the union jack along with writing such as “Diamond Geezer”, “Old Boy Racer” and “Vintage Dad Classic”.
The union jack flasks are very popular as those we are of course British too as England is also part of Great Britain.
We also have several leather wrapped English hip flasks . These are just a few of what we have to offer so come and take a look.
For our pewter flasks, these are very popular with sports fans as they are plain in colour with the 3 lions England flag on. I have seen many of these sold to folk who are off to the rubgy or the footy. These pewter hip flasks are available in 6oz and with a captive or regular top.
All of these Pewter flasks have been made in England, Sheffield to be precise.
Now whether you are a patriot yourself or intend on getting a flask for someone who is, you will be pleased with all of the styles and the great quality. We have found that these are popular with those who have come across to visit England and who have fell in love with it.

I mean, whats’ not to love We have some of the most beautiful cities and countryside in the world. The majority of the people over here are nice, polite and super friendly and the weather… well ok perhaps we won’t mention the weather although that would be typically British….