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Zippo lighters are known for their quality the world over. Our range of Zippo lighters showcases the best in quality and style. We offer a range of patterned and engravable Zippo lighters that make the perfect gift.

Our selection of Zippo lighters offer a great match when it comes to mixing personalised hip flasks and personalised quality lighters. We wanted to offer a gift that goes hand in hand with our fantastic range of hip flasks and so we thought that a range of Zippo lighters was the way to go. We offer fine Zippo lighters that are perfect for engraving and coupled with our hip flasks make the perfect gift set.

Zippo was founded back in 1932 and since then has produced over 500 million lighters which are exclusively manufactured in the USA, there was a brief span where some were produced in Canada but the factory was closed and production kept to the USA. With keeping this production in the USA Zippo could keep an eye on the quality and produce the best products.

Although the Zippo has moved on in leaps and bounds with regards to design and materials used the basic mechanism has remained unchanged since they first started production in 1933, this in itself is a testament to the design of the Zippo lighter.

Zippo lighters are well known being ‘windproof’, the design of the lighter and the amount of fuel delivered to the flame means that under windy conditions the lighter stays lit only being extinguished when the top of the lighter is closed. Since the design of the Zippo many other lighter brands have tried to come close to providing the same wind resistance but many have failed and none have been able to provide the style and quality you get from these classic Zippo lighters.

Zippo lighters are perfect for people who lead an active life camping and fishing or are still a great lighter for people who like to have a smoke.

Our range of Zippo lighters offer you the chance to create an engravable gift that will last a life time and provide a useful and much loved item. If you are stuck for a good personalised gift then a Zippo lighter really is a great way to go. Why not match one up with one of our hip flasks and create your very own gift set, just pop a satin lined box in the basket as well and you can showcase your gift set in one box.