Tie Clips

Tie Clips

Tie clips are perfect for helping keep your unruly tie under control. The simple yet effect tie clip comes in many different styles and so is perfect for anyone wearing a tie who likes an embellishment. Tie clips have been around for a long time and have always provided a great way of accessorising with your suit.

Tie clips are normally made from metal and can be found with embellishments such as figures or shapes, small badges showing a logo or membership to a club, or decorative patterns. There are also popular plain tie clips than can be worn as they come or can be personalised with an engraving.
Tie clips are a popular accessory with service men and women and often show their insignia.

The tie clip is used to clip the tie to your shirt front thus for preventing the tie from blowing in the wind or just swinging while walking. This produces a nice straight and uniform appearance which is more appealing than the alternative.

The use of the tie clip gained popularity during the 1920’s when more delicate materials like silk started to be used to create beautiful straight cut ties, tie pins would have left holes in the delicate material so tie clips were favoured.

Tie clips are the perfect way to dress up your suit, especially if you are in a wedding party or have a busy day in your suit. If you don’t want to worry about your tie flapping around then a tie clip will put your mind at ease. Looking for a unique gift then grab one of our personalised tie clips and match it with a cuff link set or one of our popular hip flasks.